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A completely new way of increasing your home equity 


Car Factory


A different approach, using a new method of manufacturing.

Prefabricated Customisable Extensions:

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We create unique and elegant spaces which could be simply added to the property.

We take every possible step to ensure you have apinfree experience which maximises your property value.


Architecture and planning 

Quality Assured with over 20 years of.

Should you need further assistance with your project our in house architects will help to bring to life your vision with a bespoke solution.

Leveraging our prefab technology wherever possible to minimise risk.

Customer Service

We will walk you through every stage of the project.

our pre fab strategy means there will be minimal disruption to your home and living conditions, meaning you won't have to live on a construction site.

In a Rush to meet housing demand, we are rapidly building homes which are disconnected from our needs. We have all but forgotten the existing housing stock which has passed the test of time. 


Our Visions is to enable you the homeowner to gain the most out of your asset, We specialise in simplyfiing home improvments through the delivery of customisable mass produced extensions and solutions  for your home, which can add as much as 20% to your property value.

We Deliver a painless experience, a one stop shop for all your housing needs

Wooden Stairs

Take control,
Design your Dream Home... 

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We connect you with the right people to provide financing for your project, to make your decicions easier

One stop shop

We leverage technology to provide you with a seamless process from inception through to completion, giving you cost and timeline certainty 


Log in and see the progress of your project, be in control and take part. 

Prefabrictaed Extensions

We want to empower you to gain the most out of your most secure asset, byt giving you access to professional such as architects, and contractors as well as capital to develop.


Our Bespoke offsite prefabricated extensions can be adjusted to your preference.

We want you to be part of the design process and to help create a unique space for your family and a fantastic new addition to your house.

We offer a one stop shop for your extensions and home renovations, with peace of mind in terms of cost and delivery. Our team of qualified architects can help in obtaining planning permissions, building regulation approval before should there be a need before work commences.

Our system offers enhanced performance and minimal disruption in comparison to more traditional construction methodologies. 

Real time infromation 

Track every aspect of your project through our online platfrom, from design and manufacturing to delivery and installation.

Use our VR app to see exactly what you are getting.


We understand that this your home, our prefabricated units minimize disruption to your life. Our Data enables you to mak einfromed decicions at every step.

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