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We are creating the future of housing,
with an innovative platfrom powered by artificial intelligence and big data.


HŌM has one critical mission, shorten the design and delivery of housing, by concentrating on and streamlining the design,  planning and construction process of housing.

Urban populations are increasing dramatically and we are failing to meet the demand for housing, making property unaffordable for many.

Our platfrom allows you to navigate housing design and planning in a far more efficient way, leading to more supply and more affordable homes.

Leveraging AI and data to create efficiencies HŌM will enable you to meet government targets for carbon emissions.  

Our platforms allows you to navigate design and planning in a far more efficient way
Higher quality and more sustainable

Construction is one of the biggest polluting industries, we need to address this for future generations. Calculate your carbon footprint in the early stages of the project and can take informed decisions to reduce this.

Data driven and connected to consumer needs

The current process is far too complex and time consuming, without considering the end user and their needs.

More efficient design and delivery of projects

Post Pandemic Environment mean consultants and property professional need to work more efficiently, In addition digital tools will free them up to be more innovative and closer to the customer.

7 billion, 68%
worlds population projected live in cities by 2050

By automating the repetitive and utilising AI and big data, we streamline the design and delivery process freeing up developers, architects and urban planners to think about sustainability, circular economy and the end user and their needs.

Increased efficiency allows for more housing which caters for market demands.





Data Sources/points

Giving you full understanding of your Site/context


Saving in time for feasibility and pre app, using our automation 


New homes needed in the UK annually.


New homes

needed every year globally . 


UK Prefabricated

Germany 20%

China 30%

Our Partners

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Better Homes,
Better Communities
a more sustainable future for the Planet.

Our Process


Gain Insights and understand your context in a fraction of the time, developing a hyper specific view will enable you to maximize site potential and focus on the end user.


Generate basic buildings volumes based on UK and international space standard and building regulations in a matter of minutes , saving time and increasing efficiency. 


Analyse your development, gaining important information such as GEA, NIA, floor plate efficiency and manufacturability. Export report for Pre App or simply export to excel to use in further analysis and coordinate with manufacturers.


Generate reports for Pre-App and export to further develop the design, in one easy step.

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